Invest in your community. Give to United Way.

The needs are increasing. Between the rising cost of food, unemployment and the increasing foreclosure rates, many families are clearly struggling to meet their most basic needs. That’s why this year’s UNITED WAY Campaign is so important. We are committed to helping those who need us right here in our own community. There are many people who will go without if those of us who CAN help do not do so.

It takes everyone in our community working together to create a brighter future. Your contribution, combined with those of your friends and neighbors, will create help __ and hope __ for someone in need.

Did you know in your own community….

  • Almost 53,000 people live BELOW the poverty level. The poverty rate is $22,050 per year for a family of four!
  • Pasco County now has some 6,000 homeless people with 1,800 of them being children. Many families live in the woods or in one of the 40 homeless camps in the area.
  • 44% of homicides in Pasco County are domestic-violence related!

United Way’s Community Care Fund supports 29 programs at 24 local partner agencies. Your support helps meet the needs of many people faced with overwhelming problems. It’s easy to give through Payroll Deduction and easier to give online! YOUR GIFT to the Community Care Fund ensures your donation stays here in Pasco County!

A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free within the state.(800) 435-7352 Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state.

United Way of Pasco County, Inc. neither hires nor contracts with professional solicitors. Each contribution received by United Way of Pasco County is applied 100 percent to approved programs, services and operations. Registration #CH728.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL — USERS OF THIS PAGE: Authorize.Net donations are among the most secure internet transactions. Please provide complete contact information with your donation to help assure deductibility and allow us to contact you if necessary. The entire contribution is tax deductible as allowed by law. If a single payment of $250 or more is made, United Way will issue a receipt for Tax Purposes. Donor information is kept strictly confidential unless you authorize us otherwise. If you wish to designate all or part of your donation to specific agencies, please list agency name and amounts in the form. Thank you!