United Way of Pasco’s Day of Caring 2015

United Way of Pasco’s Day of Caring

United Way of Pasco’s Day of Caring 2016

October 18, 2016

Every year during United Way of Pasco has their Annual Day of Caring. This is a day when companies and individuals come together to complete projects that benefit people and nonprofit organizations within the community. During the event the community sees first-hand the entire scope of United Way of Pasco County’s mission… to unite people and resources in a community-wide effort to change lives. Day of Caring is a time when volunteers celebrate the spirit of giving through service. Company sponsorships for this event are available.

Day of Caring 2016 Project Information

Who’s Who:

The 3 groups involved in the DAY OF CARING are the committee, the agencies and local non-profits and the volunteers.

Day of Caring Committee Liaison

A community group of United Way supporters who review, assign and facilitate the matching of volunteer groups or business volunteers with projects requested.

United Way agencies and non-profit organizations

Participating in DAY OF CARING have submitted project requests to the DAY OF CARING committee for consideration and assignment. POC (point of contact) is the contact person coordinating the DAY OF CARING project.


Are individuals, groups or businesses willing to provide the manpower and/or supplies to complete the DAY OF CARING projects. The Committee matches the skills of volunteers with the specific project requests.