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Welcome To Campaign Headquarters!

United Way of Pasco County is the provider of funds to 32 nonprofit programs throughout Pasco County. Our 28 agency FullSizeRenderpartners use these funds to support 32 programs to improve the quality of life for all of us in our community.

Our annual fundraising efforts ensure that quality health and human service programs are available to thousands of local children, families, senior citizens, disabled people and others.

We encourage businesses to participate by running a workplace campaign. We invite you to look at our campaign materials located under the Toolkit for Employee Campaign Coordinators link in the left hand navigator toolbar.

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Leadership Groups

Get excited!! If you show that you are excited, other people will join you and the possibilities are endless. Imagine what your organization can accomplish!

You are about to begin a challenging, yet fun and rewarding experience. Take advantage of all the information and resources available to you and you will be sure to have a successful workplace campaign.

It’s about positively changing the lives of people
right here in Pasco County.

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We are heartened by the generosity and support that so many of you have given over the years. We would like to Thank You for your tremendous support!

Thank You for your loyalty and continued generosity.

Thank You for making a difference by Advancing the Common Good.

Thank You for choosing to LIVE UNITED™. We are in the process of following up to complete our records for our Loyal Contributor Program.

We would like to ask for your assistance by filling out the Loyalty Form. This will allow us to formally Thank You and communicate the results of your investment. Some of the things that we are working on for our Loyal Contributors includes special e-newsletters, recognition events and networking opportunities.

Thank You for Your Loyalty!

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