Financial Accountability

United Way of Pasco County adheres to the highest standards of accountability. Pasco County sees our organization as a trusted leader. We work hard everyday to earn that reputation. We believe in transparency and in keeping with that belief, our Audited Financial Statements are available for review.

Form 990 2015

Form 990 2014

To Request Additional Information: 727-845-3030

Patriot Act Compliance

United Way of Pasco County is in compliance with the spirit and intent of the U.S. Patriot Act and other counterterrorism laws. Affirmative action is taken to prevent financial, technical, in-kind or other resources from inadvertently being used for illegal acts and terrorist activities.


The United Way of Pasco County is committed to the highest ethical standards. Indeed, based on the unique trust placed in United Way to serve the public good, we have a special obligation to act ethically. Our Code of Ethics document is available for review upon request.

Any known or possible breaches of the Code of Ethics, is to be disclosed by staff and by volunteers. United Way may designate the Executive Committee as the Ethics Committee to address any breaches of the Code of Ethics. Staff should request information from a supervisor, HR or the Chief Professional Officer. Volunteers should request information from the current chairperson of the United Way of Pasco Board of Directors.

United Way System Membership Accountability

United Way of Pasco County is a 501(c)3 organization governed by local volunteers to advance the common good of our community. As a member of United Way of America we are required to complete strict certification of membership on an annual basis. Some of these requirements are as follows:

  • Undergo an annual audit of our books by a certified independent public auditor. The annual audit must comply with generally accepted auditing standards.
  • United Way of Pasco County files IRS Form 990 annually within specified time-frame.
  • Submit on an annual basis to the United Way Worldwide a report of resources generated including all fundraising, in-kind donations and revenue from special events. United Way Worldwide requires that this report be completed according to established policy and submitted within specified time-frame.
  • Maintain a voluntary governing body to ensure governance over the financial resources and the policies of the United Way of Pasco County.
  • For a complete list of certification requirements, please request information from the Manager of Finance or Human Resources.